Get Walmart MoneyCard Online

Apply for Walmart Moneycard reloadable prepared card to get paid up to 2 days faster with a free direct deposit service. By getting this card you can get rewards and points on your shopping to get benefits.  You  can get points on spending money via cards.

How To Get A Card Online?

  • If you want to get money card then access this page.
  • After that you can see the button “Get A Card” on the page.
  • As you will get a new page you will the heading “Sign Up For Walmart MoneyCard”.
  • See the online from below which you have to fill with appropriate data.
  • Choose your credit card from the given option.
  • Enter your first and last name on the page.
  • Enter your home address or P.O Box number
  • Enter your apartment number and city, state, Zip Code.
  • Provide your email address, check the option given below.
  • Provide your phone number, social security number and date of birth number.
  • After that enter your Card PIN.
  • Next read “Electronic Communications Agreement”, “Cardholder Agreement” and “Privacy Policy “and accept these statements to get your card.
  • After that press the button “Get My Card”.
  • After complete this from you will get confirmation message.

How To Get Rewards?

On getting your Moneycard you can use this card to make payments and shopping easily. By spending money you can win rewards.

  • On using this card you can get 1% cash back from all Walmart stores.
  • Get 3% cash back on shopping via
  • You can get $75 cash back as a reward per year.
  • On purchasing new Walmart moneycard you can win $25 credit for free.

Benefits For Getting Card?

By getting your card online, you can get these benefits for using this card.

  • You can check your card balance via your computer or mobile.
  • Pay your all bills online easily via your card.
  • You can reload your card with direct deposit.
  • Get in-store cash back.

From shopping grocery to pharmacy service you can use this moneycard to make payments. You can use this card for online and in-store shopping benefits. Get quick payment service and easy reloadable service. Now you don’t need to go to bank to refill your card, you can use direct deposit service to reload your card quickly. You don’t need to make purchases for buying your credit card. There is no overdraft and reloading fee with your card.

This card is issued by Green Dot bank and keeping the same terms and condition for this card usage. If you are new to apply for this card then you should read the card terms and conditions.

  • Use this card where Debit Visa Cards are acceptable.
  • You can deposit your checks via your smartphone camera
  • You can instantly send money via your card.
  • You can register your card to avoid unauthorized transactions
  • You can withdraw cash without any extra fee.

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